The Wire Series 2

Series 2 moves the focus away from the lowrises onto Baltimore’s Seagirt Marine Terminal cargo docks where the unions are struggling to keep the docks open and their members in work. The Wire’s political landscape now involves the police department, the longshoremen union, the Catholic Church, a growing number of drug smugglers and dealers and people traffickers. An intriguing and addictive plot, light years away from the weekly packaged cop shows.

Major Valcheck and Frank SabotkaFrank Sobotka, secretary-treasurer of the union has a long running feud with fellow Pole, police Major Valchek.

The feud is renewed when Major Valchek notices a stained-glass window donated to St. Casimir’s Catholic Church by Sobotka’s union when he also delivers a new stained-glass window to the Church.

Major Valchek is determined to take revenge and targets Sabotka, his family and the union for “special treatment”.

Meanwhile, Frank’s son Ziggy and his cousin Nick go to meet “The Greek” who has a container arriving on a cargo ship in which he has contraband and needs help sliding it by the authorities.

Jimmy McNulty on harbour patrolJimmy McNulty has been demoted and reassigned to the Baltimore Police Harbour unit as Colonel Rawls’ revenge.

Although the first excitement of the day is a yacht with a dead motor, the pace later picks up  when McNulty pulls the dead body of a pretty young girl from the harbour.

Later, at the dock, Marine Police Officer Beatrice “Beadie” Russell is making her rounds and notices a container with loose locks, opens it up and goes inside. Noticing a false rear wall in the back, she investigates further and finds inside a tiny compartment the bodies of 13 young women, apparently suffocated.

Nick and Ziggy fightNick Sabotka, who’s money problems get worse as the work at the docks dries up, becomes more and more involved with Vondas, The Greek’s right hand man and enforcer. Nick soon gets involved in the street corner drug scene and starts to make serious money for himself and Ziggy, even though Ziggy is becoming more and more upset as he is no longer the boss and the two close cousins fallout.

Major Valchek, hearing that Frank Sobotka and the union have hired a lobbyist to spread cash to local politicians in an attempt to revitalise the docks, seizes the opportunity to start a police investigation into his longtime enemy Sabotka. Valchek convinces Burrell to relaunch Major Crime Unit. The old team is soon back in action but without McNulty, who is still on harbour patrol. Instead, Russell is drafted into the department.

Brother Mouzone The investigation eventually links the Sabotka family and The Greek’s top quality dope back to Proposition Joe.
Meanwhile, Avon Barksdale brings in muscle from New York to keep out rival dealers, a man named Brother Mouzone.


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