The Wire Series 4

The Wire’s no-nonsense focus on city life in North America continues in Series 4. The gritty storyline weaves together the inner city realities of under-funded education, the street corner gangs attracting young kids into their fold with easy money, and “white-collar” manipulation and corruption at the highest level of the city’s “ruling class”.

McNulty and Brodie back on the street cornerMcNulty is back on the street and the Crime Unit, without Daniels, is targetting Marlo Stanfield and his growing organisation of dealers.
Something is just not adding up … how can Marlo’s kingdom grow with no dead bodies?
Marlo’s enforcer Chris and his partner Snoop have found a way of hiding the evidence in the many vacant lots in the city.

Brodie, formerly one of Barksdale’s crew, resents having to work for the new boss, Marlo and fights for his corner.

Daniels, is now a Major in charge of Western District, and romantically involved with Assistant State’s Attorney Rhonda Pearlman. Rhonda is processing Money Laundering subpoenas issued by Daniels’ former unit against many city politicians, in particular State Senator Clay Davis, whose driver had been caught earlier with cash in a bin liner. Clay Davis warns Mayor Royce that he had better tell the police to back off … or else.

Prez, the rookie Maths teacherFormer member of the Crime Unit, Roland “Prez” Pryzbylewski, is now a trainee Maths teacher at Tilghman, the local Middle School. His first day doesn’t go well, his lack of experience is obvious to the kids and they interrupt and destroy his lesson. Randy Wagstaffe, one of his class, sneaks out during the confusion and goes to the school cafeteria to sell his product … a backpack full of candy.

Prez would later help his class to learn Maths (and make money on the street) by giving them tips on how to work out the odds on their card and dice games.

Bunny Colvin and NamondBunny Colvin, former Western District Police Major, joins a behavioural study by the University of Maryland of 10 students at Prez’s school, three of which, including Namond Brice (son of Barksdale crew member Wee-Bey), were taken from Prez’s class. Despite his initial bravado, Namond gradually learns to trust Bunny, breaking away from the street corner culture and also, eventually … his family.

Proposition Joe approaches Marlo once again to join the drug consortium set up by him and Stringer Bell, The New Day Co-op. Marlo declines the offer … planning to take over from Proposition Joe and his cartel of drug dealers to become King of Baltimore’s corners.

Omar, having finished his feud with Stringer Bell, meets up with Proposition Joe who offers him a cut of a high-stakes card game. Suspecting that Joe intends to set him up, Omar stakes the game out. Not recognising Marlo, Omar sticks the game up and tells him “Money ain’t got no owners, only spenders.” The Marlo-Omar war is on, with Marlo setting up Omar at every opportunity and Proposition Joe and the New Day Co-Op caught in the middle.

Mayor Tommy Carcetti and Senator Clay DaviesThe Mayoral election reaches its climax. Tommy Carcetti works hard to increase his share of the black vote, despite last-minute smear campaigns from the Royce camp.
Mayor-Elect Carcetti, wanting to appoint a new police commissioner is faced with a revolt from leading city officials, and relies upon Clay Davies to call in some favours.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get any better for Mayor Carcetti or the city as you will find out in Series 5.

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