The Baltimore Sun

City Editor Augustus “Gus” Haynes

Gus HaynesGus Haynes is old-school with an indepth knowledge of Baltimore, having worked his way up from district police reporting. He can sense a lazy reporter and read between the lines of press conference statements. His style, considered by the new management at the Baltimore Sun, is vulgar and unrefined, but he has an instinct for the truth and is determined to get every last detail correct.

Scott Templeton

Scott TempletonScott Templeton is hungry and ambitious and sees the Baltimore Sun as a stepping stone to a real newspaper like the Washington Times or Post. Supported by his bosses Whiting and Klebanow, he is willing to go to great lengths to further his career and, unbeknownst to them, he doesn’t let the truth get in his way.

Managing Editor Thomas Klebanow

Thomas Klebanow Klebanow is the Managing Editor of The Baltimore Sun, doing most of Executive Editor James C. Whiting III’s dirty work. The commercial realities of running a regional newspaper mean that he is in charge of belt-tightening, improving efficiency and staff cutbacks.

    Baltimore Docks

    Frank Sobotka

    Frank SobotkaFrank Sobotka, the secretary-treasurer of the slowly sinking longshoremen union, is the guy everyone turns to. His dream is to return the port to its former glory, feeding lobbyists secret $50,000 bunles of cash to convince the lawmakers to make Baltimore a competitive port again.

    To finance his campaign, he arranges for The Greek’s shipping containers to slip into the port undetected. His family life becomes frayed when he finds out his son Ziggy and nephew Nick are doing some freelance work for The Greek, not to mention his feud with police Major Valchek and their investigation of the port.

    Nick Sobotka

    Nick SobotkaNick is Frank’s nephew. As money is tight and “hours” on the dock are few and far between, he can’t afford to live with his girlfriend and daughter and is desperate to earn enough for them to get their own place.

    Tempted by the lure of some easy money from The Greek, he is convinced by Vondas to arrange a delivery of stolen goods which is paid half in cash and half in heroin. This brings Nick into contact with the street corner drug crews and he starts to make serious money. Nick sees this as an opportunity to make his dream of a good life with his girlfriend and daughter come true.

    Spiros “Vondas” Vondopoulos

    Spiros 'Vondas' VondopoulosVondas is the face of The Greek’s illicit shipping business keeping a low profile working out of Little Johnny’s Diner. He negotiates the various deals between The Greek and his associates, including Frank Sobotka and Prop Joe. Vondas takes a shine to Nick Sobotka, bringing him deeper into the business, until Major Valchek’s investigation gets in the way.

    The Greek

    The GreekThe soft spoken and unimposing man known only as The Greek imports anything and everything through the Baltimore port …stolen goods, drugs, women … anything that would make him more money. He is ruthless. Anyone interfering with him is eliminated immediately, including the ship’s engineer when one of his containers arrived with 13 dead girls inside. His signature style leaves victims headless and handless.


      Tilghman Middle School

      Namond Brice

      Namond BriceNamond is the son of imprisoned Barksdale soldier Wee-Bey Brice. Forced by his mother to follow in his father’s footsteps he becomes a runner for Bodie and it quickly becomes clear that Namond is not suited to the streetcorner life, despite his bravado. Former police Major Bunny Colvin takes Namond under his wing and, with Wee-Bey’s blessing, eventually becomes his guardian.

      Howard “Bunny” Colvin

      Bunny ColvinFormer Western District’s police Major, Bunny Colvin is lured back to work by UM Professor David Parenti to help him run a school-based program targetting at-risk kids. Fighting with bureaucracy and the city’s Education Authority as well as the kids themselves, Colvin makes headway with some of the kids and eventually takes in Namond Brice to raise him as his own.

      Roland “Prez” Pryzbylewski

      Roland 'Prez' PryzbylewskiPrez was formerly a member of the Major Crime Unit. Working alongside Lester Freamon on the wiretaps, he soon demonstrated a skill for identifying codes and an aptitude for following the paper trail. Unfortunately he was a liability as a street officer and as a result of an incident in which an undercover officer was killed, he left the force to become a teacher. His first year at Tilghman Middle school is an eye opening experience as he finds out that the kids education is not his colleagues main priority. Prez learns how to command the respect of his street-savvy class, finding new ways of teaching them without getting too emotionally involved.

      Michael Lee

      Michael LeeReserved and quiet, Michael is an observer. He is also loyal and smart. He is the parent to his younger brother, Bug, and with a homelife made fragile by his mother’s addiction, he is wary of adults who take any interest in him or his situation. In eighth grade, he traded boxing in the gym with Cutty for banging on the corners with Chris and Snoop, though he may not be as cut out for a life of murder as he thought.

      Randy Wagstaff

      Randy WagstaffRandy grew up in children’s homes after his mother died when he was young. He never knew his father. An incident at school resulted in him being labelled as a snitch and his life turns to the worse after a revenge attack on the home of his foster parent, Miss Anna.


        Baltimore Police and City Hall

        Detective James “Jimmy” McNulty

        McNultyJimmy McNulty is the closest the Wire comes to a lead character. At times he’s the most reliable, thorough and stubborn cop on the case. McNulty is “good police” but his insecurities and self-destructive nature come to the surface, particularly when he’s drunk. He leaves in his wake a failed marriage, an on-off relationship with Rhonda Pearlman and strained relationships with his colleagues and superior officers.

        Detective William ‘Bunk’ Moreland

        Detective William 'Bunk' MorelandThe Bunk is a cigar-toting veteran of the homicide department with a great dry (and profane) wit. He is loyal to McNulty and together they let off steam by drinking and picking up women although Bunk is married with kids. Bunk is shrewd, experienced and a good interrogator with an inbuilt BS detector … other than his own!

        Detective Shakima “Kima” Greggs

         Detective Shakima 'Kima' Greggs from The WireKima was drafted in from Daniels’ Narcotics Unit and quickly gained respect from her male colleagues in the new Major Crimes Division. As the series unfold her relationship with McNulty grows closer and soon they even began to empathise with one another about the job, relationships and department politics.

        Detective Lester Freamon

         	Detective Lester FreamonBefore being assigned to Major Crimes, Lester Freamon was in the pawnshop unit for 13 years with a lucrative sideline making dolls-house furniture alongside his minimal police work. He is relentless when it comes to following up leads – wiretaps, cell phones, property, money, paper, players – all the way to the top, where he is eventually offered the choice between his career case and his colleagues’ careers.

        Colonel Cedric Daniels

        Colonel Cedric DanielsWith a law degree under his belt and a chip on his shoulder, Daniels was assigned head of the Major Crimes Unit with a brief to lead a fast, straightforward,and above all, limited investigation into the Barksdale empire. As its extent became apparent to the Unit, he forged on with the investigation, jeopardizing his career by defying the Commissioner’s order to shut it down.

        Thomas “Tommy” Carcetti

        Tommy CarcettiTommy has a genuine desire to improve the life of the city’s diverse population and to become Mayor he has to play hardball politics. Like many in politics, Carcetti is about contradictions. Although a family man committed to his wife and young children, he isn’t above the odd indiscretion.

        Assistant State’s Attorney Rhonda Pearlman

        Assistant State Attorney Rhonda PearlmanRhonda’s understanding of the nuances of surveillance law and complex casework proves invaluable to the Major Crime Unit’s investigations. She is often worried about the political implications of the casework and the effect on her career prospects. Her affair with McNulty led to the breakup of his marriage and he still showed up on her doorstep every now and then until her relationship with Cedric Daniels.

          The Baltimore Streets

          Russell “Stringer” Bell

          Russell 'Stringer' BellThe number two but clearly the brains in the Barksdale gang, he saw the future in becoming a legitimate investor and secretly studied Economics at college. Stringer, along with Prop Joe, tried to reform the violence and gangsterism of the drug trade by forming their own wholesale drugs co-operative, with a typically violent outcome.


          BubblesBubbles is a drug addict living in vacant or abandoned lots, eeking out a living from petty theft or selling second-hand items out of a shopping cart. As a longtime informant for Kima Greggs, he volunteers to help the Major Crime Unit after his buddy Johnny is nearly beaten to death by Barksdale’s crew over a few, forged dollars.

          Bubbles life on the streets is tough and gradually improves after he meets Walon, a former addict, who helps him to slowly clean up his act and get his life back together.

          Marlo Stanfield

          Marlo StanfieldMarlo Stanfield, a cunning young gangster, takes on the much larger Barksdale crew with his lethal enforcers Chris and Felicia “Snoop” Pearson in a ruthless drug war hiding the dead bodies in vacant buildings. After taking control of West Baltimore, Marlo joins the New Day Co-op to get an inside look at how they work. Marlo continues with his ruthless hunting of his competitors and goes head to head with Omar.

          “Proposition” Joe Stewart

          Proposition Joe StewartProp Joe works out of a small appliance repair shop on Eastside Baltimore and it is this low profile that has kept him free and profitable for years. Sensing an opportunity, Prop Joe convinces Stringer Bell and others to join his New Day Co-Op, pushing his cheap, potent supply of raw heroin and cocaine imported by his Greek contacts through the Baltimore port. The syndicate puts product before territory by promoting peace and security for all the members, until they run into Marlo.

          Omar Little

          Omar LittleOmar is Baltimore’s Robin Hood, stealing fom the rich drug dealers and … keeping it for himself. He is careful to only rob dealers and others in the game who will not call in the police. After robbing a Barksdale stash house with his lover, Brandon, and another gunman named Bailey, he became a target of Avon’s crew. Bailey was caught and killed first, followed by Brandon, who was tortured in an unsuccessful attempt to make him reveal Omar’s whereabouts.

          Omar moves on, sticking up other drug dealers all over the city, eventually getting caught in a web of double-crossing and retribution with Proposition Joe and Marlo Stanfield with disastrous results.

          Preston “Bodie” Broadus

          Preston 'Bodie' BroadusPreston “Bodie” Broadus, a loyal soldier of Barksdale’s crew worked The Pit under D’Angelo and was later given command of a crew at a high-rise tower. As the war between Marlo and Barksdale takes its toll, he finds himself back on the corner, without his own territory and under threat from larger drug crews. Bodie fails to remain independent and starts selling Marlo’s gear.